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Greenforce offers ventilation systems for environments where high corrosion resistance, material durability and ease of use are important criteria.

The product range includes PE, PP, PVC and PVDF pipes with round and rectangular cross-sections, and fittings, ceilings and grates. Also various plastic fans and scrubbers.

Applications of ventilation systems::

Underground pipelines

Places where custom solutions cannot be used for space or aesthetic reasons and where material durability is required – such as swimming pools, sports and office buildings, restaurants, industrial buildings, etc.

Aggressive environments

In the production one has to deal with corrosive substances. Complex projects in wastewater treatment plants, waste disposal sites, etc. can also be considered as aggressive environments. We can create a modern ventilation system almost everywhere.


In the industry, many devices need ventilation. Dust, air pH level or unauthorized odor must be considered. The air emitted from the equipment must comply with current regulations. Ventilation systems for scrubbers are used, for example, in chemical warehouses, fuel terminals, piggeries, waste depots, etc.

We offer our clients assistance and advice from design to implementation.