Greenforce OÜ manufactures special plastic industrial solutions.

Our expertise dates back to 1994. Extensive knowledge in the field of plastic construction, strong partners and design capabilities help us find the most suitable solutions for our clients.

We operate mainly in the following areas:

Water purification equipment
Fish farming
Fish farming
Chemical industry
Chemical industry
Biogas plants
General construction
Design solutions

Our main production:

Tanks and baths
Fiber Plastic Structures (FRP)
Honeycomb plastic panel products
Ventilation systems
Water purification systems
Plastic coating of surfaces
Storage covers

We provide products separately and also provide complete solutions for the entire site, combining tanks, plumbing, railings, bridges, platforms and walkways.

Plastic solutions do not corrode in a chemically aggressive environment. In addition, fiberglass structures are as strong as similar metal solutions, they are ice and maintenance free, and have poor electrical conductivity. Read more in the product menu.

Our plastic solutions reduce the risk of environmental contamination, support biomass-based energy and reduce the amount of hazardous substances and odors released into the air.

Contact us and we will find a suitable plastic solution together.