Plastic containers are widely used in many residential and industrial applications due to their elasticity.

Corrosion resistance, storage fluid stability, easy transport, quick installation, light weight, low maintenance – these are the keywords that characterise today’s thermoplastic containers.

Greenforce offers tanks of various shapes and uses:

• Vertical
• Horizontal
• For chemicals
• For drinking water
• For wastewater
• Reactors for chemical processes
• Process containers
• Conical tanks for powders and granules
• For indoor and outdoor installation
• Double walled containers for hazardous substances

Our product range includes tanks with a capacity of up to 400m3. The materials used to make the containers are: HDPE, PP-H, PVC, PVDF. We offer PE and PP antistatic materials for storing powders and explosive materials.

All Greenforce containers are designed in accordance with DVS2205 / EN12573 standards, taking into account, among other things, the container use conditions, long-term influence of the stored material and the surrounding environment to the container.

The following accessories can be ordered for the containers:

• Ladders and service platforms
• Thermal insulation
• Heat exchangers for heating or cooling of the stored liquid
• Level monitoring, control and alarm devices

In cooperation with the customer we always find a suitable solution and make a container that is suitable for the purpose.